the best version of me

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the best version of me by Mind Map: the best version of me

1. self-knowledge

1.1. responsible

1.1.1. you are aware of your obligations and act accordingly

1.2. honest

1.2.1. set of personal attributes, such as decency, modesty, dignity, sincerity, justice, rectitude and honesty in the way of being and acting

1.3. centere

1.3.1. That is in the environment or environment that corresponds to it.

1.4. loyal

1.4.1. He who is loyal does not turn his back on who is his friend. With loyalty there is a question of honor, fidelity and gratitude.

2. self- esteem

2.1. respectful

2.1.1. person Who behaves with respect towards someone or something.

2.2. sociable

2.2.1. That you have a facility to establish social relationships and you like to interact with other people

2.3. orderly

2.3.1. Who keeps order and method in his actions and in his things

2.4. grateful

2.4.1. appreciation Feeling of esteem and recognition that a person has towards someone who has done him a favor or rendered a service, for which he wishes to reciprocate.

3. self- confidence

3.1. good leater

3.1.1. A good leader assumes and answers for his responsibilities.

3.2. ability to do

3.2.1. natural ability or aptitude to do something

3.3. integrity

3.3.1. A person of integrity is one who always does the right thing; that does everything it considers good for itself without affecting the interests of other individuals