Verbs by Paul Roberts (Alejandra Mora lD: 735301)

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Verbs by Paul Roberts (Alejandra Mora lD: 735301) by Mind Map: Verbs by Paul Roberts (Alejandra Mora lD: 735301)

1. Examples: Present Progressive: He is playing football. Past Progressive: He was playing football.

2. re the verbs be, do, have, will when they are followed by another verb

3. Examples: they will prepare

4. A synthetic to express a complex ideas a single words

5. As a analytic language

6. Intransitive verbs have no receiver of the action. They are classified as intransitive complete or intransitive linking.

7. The subject is the doer and the direct object is the receiver of the action.

8. the action. the associated meaning

9. Intransitive linking are sentences with a predicate nominative or predicate adjective Examples: The girl is Mary. (predicate nominative)

10. examples: The boy kicked the ball

11. As verb used to requiere objects. their meaning and intransitive verb

12. are verbs that have subjects or objects that receive the action. They are either active voice or passive voice.

13. the base an function of the construction, the identification of the subject with some other word

14. it is used in : present participles, past participles, gerunds and infinites.

15. Examples: is, seems, becomes

16. Examples: Sveson grown

17. Since a many verbs finite doesnot in themselves

18. A non- finite verbs as a verb an can't in itself make a statement

19. Examples : hobson retired

20. defined wish can make a statement about a subject

21. Is it used in the grammar

22. Examples: he rests, he expires and he wishes.

23. The verb can expresses an activity and condition

24. Sometimes the verb can be accomplished wholly or chiefly with the predication example: roger i(s) a falling- station operator

25. Is it used to equate something else or to say something that, consiste of the 2 terms: A & B

26. the constructions in certain verbless expresiones

27. Examples: A likely story, Nasty weather

28. Other examples is about the prehistorical the languages developer the word be, an examples is " the weather is nasty"

29. The heart of communication

29.1. the verb is the starting point

29.1.1. An exact definition cannot be given since a different impression can be given for each aspect The student who can learn organized the verbs,is going to learn grammar

30. "A verb is word that expresses action being, or state of being"


32. linking Verbs

33. Linking verbs are called copulas and copulatives

34. Predicating and linking verbs

35. Predicating verbs --Transitivity

36. Auxiliary verbs