Policy deployment

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Policy deployment by Mind Map: Policy deployment

1. VS1- Performanta SSM

1.1. 1.1 Identificarea si reducerea riscurilor critice de SSM

1.1.1. Identify them Risk analysis SMAT TF4/5 Checklist de verificare echipamentelor

1.1.2. Follow the rules PPEs

1.1.3. Communication / training Work permits SELFIs

1.1.4. H&S expansion area (Furnace)

1.2. 1.2 Reducerea emisiilor de CO2

1.2.1. Increase cullet ratio Cullet quality Audits Optical sorting project Non conformity reports New sources New suppliers Take more volumes to sae suppliers

1.2.2. Reduce transport Raw materials Project of bins with Pietta Sand unloading by train Work from home

1.2.3. Electrical forklifts

1.2.4. Reduce gas consumption DeNOx burner project Planned maintenance on furnace

1.2.5. Reduce electrical energy EMS project

1.2.6. Increase equipment lifetime Remove the first layer of insulation Do the night visits Alarms project

2. VS2 - Angajatii nostri

2.1. 2.1 Cresterea implicarii angajatilor in activitati WCM pentru imbunatatirea proceselor

2.1.1. Training to WCM Mini training organize Scoala de Vineri Boost! Increase number of GB/YB/WB

2.1.2. My Contribution

2.1.3. Clarify the roles in projects and timing Define and publish the Single Agenda

2.1.4. Encourage deviation analysis Training? Rule of 3 times

3. VS3 - Satisfactia Clientului

3.1. 3.1 Imbunatatirea nivelului de servicii pentru clientii nostri

3.1.1. Avoid quality Special Events Impact on transformation lines

3.1.2. Avoid any line stop Red Cards reduction

3.2. 3.2 Asigurarea celei mai bune calitati pentru produsele noastre

3.2.1. Avoid claims Respect the specifications Be stable in product specifications (color etc.)

4. VS4 – Inovatie

4.1. 4.1 Extinderea programului Industry 4.0

4.1.1. Training, explanations

4.1.2. Pilot projects Glass Service Glass Level Hot Point regulation Ram material unloading?

4.2. 4.2 Digitalizare prin intermediul programului Industry 4,0

4.2.1. Use what is already in place eTAG SIGGA Mobile

5. VS5 - Excelenta industriala

5.1. 5.1 Stabilizarea nivelului de perfomanta al liniei float la tragere ridicata

5.1.1. Increase the pull Ensure cullet level at >25% Define the process parameters

5.1.2. Keep the yield at good level Define the reference settings Decrease Cl4 Knots Major Kaizen? Bubbles project Keep raw materials under control Silica stones AZS stones Metallic pollutions Decrease defect density Process Stability Batch humidity Glass Level Hot point Bring the area board back to life Batch log position Alarms project

5.1.3. Keep the costs under control Cullet internal cost reduction Boxa 5, waste removal reduction

5.1.4. Q&PC expansion area 5S AM Steps 1 to 3

5.2. 5.2 Cresterea capacitatii de productie in liniile de transformare

5.3. 5.3 Cresterea productivitatii in depozit