Problem - Lack of Participants

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Problem - Lack of Participants by Mind Map: Problem - Lack of Participants

1. COVID 19 - decline in participants

1.1. Decline in female participants

2. Lack of diversity of participants (Friends)

2.1. Need to expand reach

2.2. contacting running groups locally

2.3. communicate more often with participants

2.4. contact audience re app development and ideas

2.5. expand to non runners? cyclists/walkers/gym users/health conscious people

3. Intern is unclear on aim of patch

3.1. Improve understanding of republics aim for the project

4. Participant perception on wearing patch?

4.1. Constantly wearing a patch rather than a watch / allergies

5. Solutions

5.1. Reach a larger target audience to become participants

5.2. Increase engagement via the app - make it more creative (challenges and communication)

5.3. Re purposing ideas like Strava to encourage use

5.4. Change to fit the audience

5.5. Work with others/collaborate (Strava have audience and app tech - republic have physical patch and way to measure oxygen/blood sugars)

5.6. Release prior testing about patch tests and health to participants so that people know it is safe