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Me! by Mind Map: Me!

1. Nutrition

1.1. Vegetables

1.2. Fruits

1.2.1. Low calorie and low fat

1.2.2. Have great sources of vitamins and minerals

1.2.3. Protect against many diseases (can also boost immune system)

1.3. Proteins

1.3.1. Increase muscle strength

1.3.2. Reduces craving, less snacking

1.3.3. Improves bone intensity

1.4. Whole grains

1.4.1. Supports healthy digestion

1.4.2. Lowers the risk of a stroke and heart disease

1.4.3. Helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol

1.4.4. Makes us feel full

2. Physical activity

2.1. Yoga

2.1.1. Helps with relaxation, leading to better sleep

2.1.2. Helps decrease stress and anxiety

2.1.3. Improves flexibility and strength

2.2. Stretch

2.2.1. Improves posture

2.2.2. Improves our range of motion

2.2.3. Reduces muscle tension

2.3. Cardio

2.3.1. Strengthens the heart, increase heart rate

2.3.2. Improves the lung

2.3.3. Great for weight loss (if that's the goal)

2.3.4. Boosts energy and confidence

2.4. Body weight

2.4.1. Extremely convenient, can be done anywhere

2.4.2. Inexpensive, no need to buy equipments

2.4.3. Improves body strength

3. Mentality

3.1. Maintaining a positive mental attitude

3.1.1. Helps us view things in an optimistic way

3.1.2. Helps cope with stress

3.1.3. Allows us to see our full potential

3.2. Growth mentality

3.2.1. Allows you to have a wider vision

3.2.2. Gives you room for more growth (potentials and opportunities)

4. Social interactions

4.1. Teachers

4.1.1. Allows us to connect to the teacher

4.1.2. Easier to seek clarifications

4.1.3. Helps us stay on top of our work

4.2. Peers

4.2.1. Seek other perspectives of certain tasks

4.2.2. Acts as moral and emotional support

4.2.3. Develops future connections

5. Family

5.1. Emotional support

5.1.1. Knowing that my family is there for me when I need help

5.1.2. Understanding that I'm not alone

5.2. Mental support

5.2.1. Most times, your family will understand why you are stressing, so they are there if you need to express yourseld