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Technology Help by Mind Map: Technology Help

1. Ipod Touch

1.1. setting up free itunes accounts

1.2. locating free EFFECTIVE apps

1.3. take pictures to use for math or writing

2. Discovery Education Video Streaming

2.1. Locating content related videos

2.2. creating user accounts

2.3. locating content related pictures

3. Easy Grade Pro

3.1. Creating specific progress reports

3.2. adding report card comments

3.3. exporting to parentlink

4. Promethean Board

4.1. Using an interactive flipchart

4.2. Creating Interactive Flipcharts

4.3. Locating already created Interactive Flipcharts

4.4. creating and using containers within charts

5. Microsoft Excel

5.1. using formulas to solve equations

5.2. create grade, class, and individual progress graphs

5.3. Password protect documents