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Solve Bullying by Mind Map: Solve Bullying

1. Objective/Goal

1.1. The objective/goal is to spread more awareness on bullying.

2. Target Audience

2.1. The audience I'm trying to reach is mainly people ages 5-22. Boys and girls, any race in the world.

3. Competition

3.1. My competition is people who are bullies and think it is okay to make fun of other people. The marketplace for my campaign is wide open, considering lots of people want to put bullying to an end. What makes me different and more appealing is that I'm not a person who just knows about bullying and wants to end it, I've experienced it at first-hand and have bullied before, which I now wish I never did.

4. Message

4.1. The theme and message of my project is to stop bullying and make the world a happier place.

5. Tone/Style

5.1. My project will be sincere and serious. The message will be conveyed through music.

6. Visuals

6.1. My project will have lots of examples of bullying and picture examples of bullying.

7. Call-To-Action

7.1. What I want my audience to do is realize it's time to stand up and fight against bullying.

8. Additional Ideas

8.1. An additional idea I have is to use the "Wage Hope" t-shirt as an example of trying to end bullying.