climate change

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climate change by Mind Map: climate change

1. increased ocean acidity

2. high temperatures: Higher temperatures are caused by green house gases that are trapping heat in the earths atmosphere. Temperatures have gotten higher over the past 30 years and increasing temperature can cause things like illness, heat cramps, heat strokes, death, it can effect weather patterns, the oceans, and plants and animals.

2.1. more droughts: Droughts are becoming longer and extreme worldwide. This means that there is less water available for drinking, watering crops, and other things.

3. less snowpack: Many places are starting to have less snowpack then they used to and the snow is melting earlier. The snow is expected to keep on shrinking and melting in the future. Because of this it is going to be hard for people who play sports and to find water to drink.

4. wilder weather: In the past 20 years tropical storms have started to get stronger and there have been a lot more single day storms that are dumping a lot more snow and rain than usual. In the future heavier rain storms and hurricanes are expected to happen more often. This can do a lot of damage to building things.

5. warm oceans

6. rising sea level: The average sea level has been rising. If people keep adding greenhouse gases then the average sea level will continue to get higher. This can cause frequent flooding and other things.

7. shrinking sea ice: The ice is getting thinner and shrinking. This is bad because many animals depend on sea ice for their homes and hunting grounds, and native people in the artic use this as a source of food.

8. melting glaciers: Glaciers all over the world have been melting for 50 years and it is continuing to get worse. Due to the temperature the race of melting is speeding up and and many glaciers have shrunk. If the glaciers keep on melting then some could dissapear completley.

9. changing rain: In some parts of the world places are getting more precipatation and others places are getting less. In some places people depend on rain and snow for water to drink and crops.

10. changing snow patterns: To little or to much water can be a problem and in some places people depend on snomelt to fill up streams for water to drink and crops.

11. thawing permafrost: Permafrost have thawed in many places and when permafrost melts the land above it sinks or changes shapes. This can affect the ecosystem and also damages buildings and other things.

12. The ocean acidity has been rising because carbon dioxide is in the air. This is killing the habitat and many animals

13. The oceans have gotten warmer and this causes the ice in the ocean to melt .This is causing fish to die because of the dramatic change of weather.