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1.1. MSP Managed Services Program/Provider

1.1.1. What is it? 3th Party firm that manages a company's contingent workforce solution

1.1.2. Technology used VMS Vendor Management System Software that helps to manage the flexible workforce What are the benefits of VMS? What does VMS do? What are the Problems of not having a centralised VMS to manage the flexible workforce?

1.1.3. Why Companies want to use MSP? REDUCE COST AND RISK Economic Uncertainty Skill shortages Specific temporary projects Workers wanting to have more flexibility and alternative methods (freelancers)

1.1.4. What kind of workforce MSP is focused? Independent Contractors Specialised workers with specific skills that are hard to find or replicate Contingent Staffing Professional Staffing Temporary Labor Outsourcing Strategic Staffing that produce a result or output and drive revenue growth for the company Non Strategic Staffing responsable for functions that are not core to a company's business

1.2. RPO Recruitment Process Outsourcing

1.2.1. What is it? Workforce solution in which a business transfers all or part of its permanent recruiting program to Randstad

1.2.2. Technology used ATS Applicant Tracking System

1.2.3. What are the Benefits of RPO? Minimise hiring costs by reducing reliance in third party agencies Build a robust talent pipeline through candidate engagement and employer branding Mitigate risks with compliant hiring practices Enhance workforce planning and execution using analytical insight

1.2.4. Models of RPO end to end RPO Complete Solution including all services Project RPO end to end approach applied to a specific project, such as new product launch Organisations that want to maintain internal recruitment capabilities for day to day hiring, but need the benefits of an end to end approach for the project in scope Selective RPO Only Specific services, for example only outsource Sourcing and screening processes, retaining critical services such as interviewing and offers. Recruiter on Demand ROD

2. Departments

2.1. Professional Services & Implementation

2.1.1. Responsible for the Program implementation with the clients and giving ongoing support