My Personal Brand

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My Personal Brand by Mind Map: My Personal Brand

1. I need to have a clear focus on the way I want my branding outcome to be

1.1. I want my branding to be professional due to me wanting to promote myself as a designer to potential customers and businesses that could hire me

2. I need to know my target audience

2.1. I want my target audience to be potential clients who need to have a good first impression of my content, logo branding and versatility of my work

3. I need to know my competition

3.1. I either need to sway away from what most designers content is, or either blow them out of the water by creating better outcomes than them giving 100% to each piece of work and creating original concepts

4. I need to show that my brand has value

4.1. My branding should be made to the best of my ability to show the quality of work that I can produce. My branding needs to be my biggest objective so that I will never grow out of it nor dislike it in the future

5. My brand needs to have an identity

5.1. I need to visualise myself as a designer and use a logo that will never become outdated and stays professional, which will encourage people to use my services

6. I need to create a strong impression on potential customers / companies

6.1. I can do this by creating unique content which is potentially higher standard than others at a better price, providing great customer service

7. My branding needs to be versatile

7.1. I need to create branding that can be used in different situations, using a greyscale version and also a colourful primary logo

8. I need to have a strong brand name

8.1. I can either stick with my current name GraphicDesignByWill or implement that into something entirely new.