Who/What is an American?

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Who/What is an American? by Mind Map: Who/What is an American?

1. Someone who lives in America

1.1. Someone Contributing to Society

1.1.1. Taxes, Service, Representation ,tc.

1.1.2. What counts as a contribution?

1.2. Formal structure to achieve "citizenship"

2. Who wouldn't count?

2.1. Is a baby not an American because it's not contributing?

3. Question of Birth

3.1. Constitutional Definition

3.2. Are there problems with the question of birth?

4. Ideologies of America Connected to "Americanness"

4.1. Point of View

4.1.1. Do "Americans" understand the question differently from "non-Americans"?

4.2. Are the ideologies themselves arbitrary?

5. Is there a cultural citizenship?

6. American Dream

6.1. Lebron James

6.2. Melting Pot (?)

6.3. Can the dream exist even if reality doesn't?

7. Immigration

7.1. Laws

7.2. Obstacles

8. How is national identity different from other forms of identity?

9. Native Americans? African Slaves? Weren't counted ... what does this mean for us?

10. Who doesn't count today? Why or why not?