Angel Creek Book

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Angel Creek Book by Mind Map: Angel Creek Book

1. setting

1.1. the story is set in an Australian town by a creek, a small, shallow body of water what travels across a rocky/ foresty area like a small river.

1.2. the town is based in the Melbourne area in Australia, the creek in the story is based on the Merri creek in this area.

1.3. the town in this story is large with a high population of people, developing this into an actual game may take a lot of effort so for the sake of simplicity and gaming experience I should work to a smaller scale environment for my piece.

1.4. the time period the story is set in is more modern, around the 2010's, when the book was written.

1.4.1. more specifically, this story takes place during the Christmas holiday, so colder temperatures and snow are possible in design

2. characters

2.1. 'Jelly' is the main character.

2.1.1. she is irresponsible and selfish towards the beginning of the story but learns to be more accepting and responsible towards the end.

2.1.2. jelly is adventurous leading her to explore the creek behind her house where she finds the angel.

2.1.3. jelly is introverted and sometimes lashes out at other people when things don't go her way, she learns to accept people through introspection by the end of the story.

2.1.4. Jelly is around 12 years old jelly begins secondary school and the age of students in an Australian secondary school first year are 12-13 years.

2.2. 'Gino' is the older cousin and acts as a supporting character

2.2.1. gino is one year younger than jelly, despite this closeness in age he still has to do what jelly says since she is older.

2.2.2. Gino is taller than pic and jelly and his legs are described in the book as 'stuck out like chopsticks'.

2.2.3. Gino being one year younger than jelly makes him 11 years old

2.3. 'Pic' is the younger cousin and is also a supporting character with antagonistic qualities

2.3.1. pic is a small, young child with thick messy, black hair.

2.4. 'The Boy' is a mysterious character who occasionally helps the main character and acts as the love interest at some points

2.5. The Angel

2.5.1. the angel is described to look like a baby with pale skin, glass like eyes and long white hair that billowed like clouds.

2.5.2. its wings were large with 'great white feathers' like a pelican's.

2.5.3. its mouth was described to be shaped like a heart however this could be an expression the angel was making and not actually shaped this way. 'little bubbles floated from the corners of its heart shaped mouth'.

3. story

3.1. Jelly is introduced as the main character where she explains she moved houses across the city, jelly is upset by this as their current house isn't as good as their last one and she can no longer see her friends from home

3.2. the place she goes to to relax is the creek by her new house, this shows an adventurous and secluded personality type, she feels like she doesn't fit in with her family and enjoys spending time in nature.

3.3. she encourages her visiting family members, Gino and Pic to go to the creek as well, reflecting an irresponsible and deceiving personality

3.4. when jelly finds the baby angel she tries to save it from the creek by untangling the weeds and rubbish around it, this reflects a more caring and affectionate trait of her personality.