Advanced Organizer, Cooperation, Kindergarten

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Cooperation by Mind Map: Cooperation

1. What is Cooperation?

1.1. Teamwork

1.2. Helping Each Other

1.3. Working Together

2. Why do we need cooperation?

2.1. We need cooperation to make things easier to do.

2.2. We need cooperation to make things faster to do.

2.3. We need cooperation to help each other.

3. When do we use cooperation?

3.1. We use cooperation to do our chores at home.

3.2. We use cooperation to help keep our city clean.

3.3. We use cooperation to help in church class.

3.4. We use cooperation to work together in our school class.

4. Who uses cooperation?

4.1. Each of us uses cooperation.

4.2. We help our family, neighbors, and friends.

4.3. We help in our city and our church.

5. Where do we use coooperation?

5.1. We use cooperation everywhere we go.

5.1.1. Church

5.1.2. School

5.1.3. Home

5.1.4. In our city