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1. Personal Information

1.1. My name is Juliana Correa

1.2. I am 19 years old

1.3. I am from Bogotá

1.4. I am single

2. Academic Life

2.1. I study Nutrition and Dietetics

2.2. I am in my fifth semester

2.3. My favorite subject is Physiopathology

2.4. My main plan in the future is to have my own nutrition office

3. Physical Appearance

3.1. I am medium height

3.2. I am slim

3.3. I have long straight brown hair

3.4. I have big blue eyes

4. Personality

4.1. I consider myself as a kind, diligent and smart person

4.2. I am also outgoing

5. Hobbies

5.1. I like listening to music

5.2. I am fond of traveling

6. Music

6.1. Believer - Imagine Dragons

6.2. Keep on - Kehlani

6.3. 7 rings - Ariana Grande

7. Pets

7.1. I have a dog

7.2. She is a Maltese

7.3. Her name is Milú

7.4. She is 7 years old

8. Talents

8.1. I enjoy baking and I am good at it

9. Sports

9.1. When I was 10 years old I did swimming

10. My Family

10.1. My mom

10.1.1. She is a housewife

10.1.2. She is short

10.1.3. She is blonde and has blue eyes

10.2. My dad

10.2.1. He is a doctor

10.2.2. He is quite tall

10.2.3. He has brown eyes and black hair

11. My House

11.1. Neighborhood

11.1.1. It is very quiet and safe

11.1.2. There is a new cafe in front of my house

11.2. I live in a large two-story house

11.3. There is a garden with beautiful plants

11.4. There is a large and well-designed kitchen

11.5. On the second floor there are three rooms and two bathrooms