Language systems and skills

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Language systems and skills by Mind Map: Language systems and skills

1. 1) identification of transfer errors based on error analysis criteria

2. 2)characterization of the errors

3. 3) awareness of the learner about transfer errors

4. 4)Contrast-focused and targeted sensitization LM-LO

5. Auditive comprehension

5.1. Hear and understand what is being said

5.2. It serves to understand the ideas of others

5.3. It is necessary to understand what they want to tell us

6. They are those that allow us to communicate effectively with other people.

7. Language skills are a set of four abilities that allow an individual to understand and produce spoken language for adequate and effective interpersonal communication.

8. Oral expression

8.1. Make articulate sounds or words

8.2. It serves to express our ideas and feelings

8.3. It is the main form of communication

9. Comprensión lectora

9.1. Decode a written message

9.2. It serves to understand from instructions to information

9.3. The reader must know the written symbols

10. Written expression

10.1. Express ideas using symbols

10.2. It serves to express and communicate

10.3. Symbols change according to culture

11. Treatment of errors.