Tigernix- We are users too

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Tigernix- We are users too by Mind Map: Tigernix- We are users too

1. School Management System- TigernixSMS

1.1. TigernixSMS- sub modules

1.1.1. Online Registration Management

1.1.2. Examination / Result Management / Assignments Management

1.1.3. Student / Children or Parent

1.1.4. Relationship Management Software

1.1.5. School Finance and Account Management

1.1.6. HR Management

1.1.7. Course Management Software

1.1.8. Training / Students Management Staff and Teacher Management/

1.1.9. School Store Inventory Management Software

1.1.10. Student Administration System

1.1.11. School Purchase Management

1.1.12. Online Examination Management System

1.1.13. Classroom Management / Timetable Management Feedback / Survey Management Online School Portal Software