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1. Health & Safety

1.1. Creating a Safe Learning Environment-Promoting Safe use of equipment & Tools-making sure all equipment is working and safety procedures are followed at all times to avoid any harm to students

1.2. Ergonomic Working areas -making sure we have enough tables/chairs and that they are set out so its comfortable for students to be able to learn

1.3. Creating a safe working area keeping bags/coats etc on backs of chairs, promoting a no food and drink policy in the classroom.

1.4. Safeguarding of all students

1.5. Creating a mentally safe environment for pupils to thrive and feel safe in.

2. Support & Guidance

2.1. Give each student “intensive care”. Smile, use their name positively, ask for their opinion, make a point at looking at their work, comment favourably about genuine effort or achievement. Talk to them, be patient and helpful, have high expectations and keep calm. Show that you value them. But don’t overdo it! Be fair, use this approach with your well-behaved pupils as well.

2.2. Collaborate and problem solve together. What’s the problem here? What can we do about this?

2.3. Assess the needs of the students

2.4. Develop flexible responses and teaching styles. Assess needs of individuals.

2.5. Check for understanding, reinforce learning goals and expectations.

2.6. ..

2.6.1. Have high expectations and let them know what those are. EG getting good/pass grades