The Northwest Passage

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The Northwest Passage by Mind Map: The Northwest Passage

1. GeoPolitically

1.1. Arctic Circle

1.1.1. Arctic Countries Sweden Norway Finland Greenland (+Denmark) USA (Alaska) Canada Russia Iceland

1.1.2. Arctic Indigenous Communities Saami Nenets Khanty Evenk Chukchi Aleut Yupik Inuit (Iñupiat Inuit (Inuvialuit) Inuit (Kalaallit)

1.1.3. Arctic Organizations Arctic Circle Arctic Council Arctic Economic Council (AEC) International Arctic Science Committee Arctic Coastguard Forum

1.1.4. Arctic Companies Economic incentive and Drive

2. Environmentally

2.1. Climate Change

2.1.1. Ice Melting Increased possibility for tourism Increased Possibility in use as shipping route Loss of habitat for local species and communities Threat of invasive species Loss of the worlds temperature regulator Increased possibility of mining

3. As International Waterway

3.1. Open for international vessels

3.1.1. Need for Search and Rescue

3.1.2. Increased number of vessels

3.1.3. Desired by USA

3.1.4. Desired by Germany

3.1.5. Desired by Russia

3.1.6. Desired by China

3.1.7. Desired by UK

4. As Internal Waters

4.1. Sovereign Waters of Canada

4.1.1. Disputed by the USA

4.1.2. Disputed by Norway

4.1.3. Disputed by Russia

4.1.4. Disputed by China

4.1.5. Province of Nunavut