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Strategic Planner by Mind Map: Strategic Planner

1. Benefits

1.1. common goals, create a framework for decision making, educate future and current administrators, activate intuition and creativity, help identify programmatic features, provide a continuous cycle of planning and resource management.

2. Factors for a successful strategy process

2.1. Leader ship

2.1.1. Think strategically about collecting data

2.1.2. stimulate institutional learning and motivate to think strategically to change models

2.1.3. the administrator is open to accept change to learn.

2.2. Resources

2.2.1. human and financial resources Building of human capital through recruitment and training as a core source of competitive advantage

2.3. Development of effective data collection

3. Stages

3.1. Team formation

3.1.1. Responsible for developing a working plan. An outsider can be hired.

3.2. Establishment of a foundation.

3.2.1. vision, values, and strategic goals

3.3. Analysis

3.3.1. Important to record information. SWOT (stakeholders and participants)

3.4. Planning

3.4.1. Double check the vision, mission, values and goals of the company. Based on this, get an action plan.

3.5. Implementation

3.5.1. Implement the goals proposed; have lines of communication; establish strategies to achieve the goals; set a timeline and outcomes for evaluation

3.6. Evaluation and revision

3.6.1. Evaluate to make necessary adjustments. Analyze the problems and implement an action plan

4. Possible roadblock to an effective strategy process

4.1. Lack of implementation

4.2. timing

4.3. politics in education

4.4. Bureaucracy