The Perfect Sales Conversation

The Perfect Sales Conversation - Mind Map from Artem, Daniel and Jim

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The Perfect Sales Conversation by Mind Map: The Perfect Sales Conversation

1. Trust Building

1.1. In the initial relationship-building process, focus on building a sense of trust from the client to Dachser, which will grow into the client embracing Dachser as a expert and strategic partner.

2. Employ the CDV

2.1. Utilize the CDV to determine where the value lies and how much value, monetarily, we can help the client gain in their supply chain model.

3. Embrace Communication Styles

3.1. Utilize communication style techniques to help engage the client and work with their natural communication style.

4. Set the Stage

4.1. Whether in-person or via video chat, make sure to set the stage prior to the meeting, both in terms of essential meeting preparation and in terms of visual environment.

5. The Nine Components of the Business Model

5.1. Utilize the nine components of the business model to determine what kind of initial meeting we should aim to have and where we can provide solution to the client's problems.


6.1. Utilize the IMPRESS system to flow from one milestone to the next, progressing from an initial contact to an eventual partnership.