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1. zodiac signs

2. They signify a specific zodiac sign, depending on the imagery associated with a specific sign.

3. example: a bull is associated with the Taurus sign when you see a bull shape, you think of Taurus

4. I like zodiac signs, because they are quite easy to remember once you learn the right associations.

5. road signs

6. They signify different rules on the road, which in turn makes it easier for traffic to be regulated and ensures that drivers/pedesetrians know the situation at all times.

7. I don't particularly like them, as I don't know them very well. I assume I will be acquainted with them once I start taking driving classes.

8. emojis/emoticons

9. They started out simple, which means that people sometimes had a hard time interpreting the meaning.

10. ex: <3 - heart </3 - broken heart :) - smiley face (most common)

11. They have gotten fairly more complex over the years, so now there is a larger amount of them and they are getting increasingly more specific. I like them because it is easy to convey what you are trying to say, and they are helpful if you wish to be sarcastic.