Unit 15:Getting a job

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Unit 15:Getting a job by Mind Map: Unit 15:Getting a job

1. Vocabulary

1.1. Offered

1.1.1. Means: Given

1.1.2. Example: He offered Smith to work for a large company.

1.2. Resign

1.2.1. Means: Quit

1.2.2. Example: He resigned from the company in protest of the treatment of his co-workers

1.3. Apply

1.3.1. Mean: request

1.3.2. Example: you need to apply to the company to get the job.

1.4. Promoted

1.4.1. Mean: progress

1.4.2. Example: Lisa has gotten a promotion at work to become manager

1.5. Interview

1.5.1. Mean: confabulation, interlocution

1.5.2. Example: He arrived to be interviewed by a local TV station about the level of unemployment.

1.6. Application

1.6.1. Mean: praxis

1.6.2. Example: a job takes a great deal of patience and application.

2. Grammar

2.1. Will/Won't

2.1.1. Will / won't +infinitive

2.1.2. A. Used to talk about the future. I will go to the doctor next week I won’t have a meeting on the weekend.

2.1.3. B. Used will / won't in first conditional sentences If Sara cooks dinner, I will visit you. We won’t go to the cinama if it is late.

2.2. May/May not, Might/Might not

2.2.1. may/may not or might /might not (mightn't) + infinitive

2.2.2. A. Used to talk about things that are possible You may/may not do some research on food. I might/might not buy something online.

2.2.3. B. Used may / might instead of will to talk about a situation that is only possible, not certain. If they offer me a job, I may/might Accept.