Rockstar Nights SWOT Analysis

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Rockstar Nights SWOT Analysis by Mind Map: Rockstar Nights SWOT Analysis

1. Still a new concept/idea

1.1. Explain Music Bingo

1.2. Explain Live Band Bingo

1.3. Encourage others to do it?

2. Keeping it fresh

2.1. Add more songs

2.2. Add more gags

2.3. Add more visuals

2.3.1. Cameras/angles

2.3.2. Interactive/overlays

3. Strath interest?

3.1. Dwindling or just distracted? Do they consider it part of future plans?

3.1.1. Continue plan of being part of a tourist attraction

3.1.2. “Things to do in Victoria”

4. Spring is coming/Folks are sick of being inside

4.1. How do we encourage folks to come to the Strath? Clubhouse?

4.1.1. Continue social media

4.1.2. Increase/find more exciting prizing

4.2. How do we encourage folks that choose to stay home, to play with us?

4.2.1. Continue social media

4.2.2. Improve prizing

5. Other bands will start to come back

5.1. Promote SuperSauce website

5.2. SuperSauce social/promotion

5.3. Be easy to work with

6. Solid band

6.1. Core is strong

6.2. Brand is building

6.3. Material is improving/growing

6.4. Band is gelling more than ever

7. Solid brand

7.1. Quality websites

7.2. Quality product

7.3. Fun/innovative product

7.4. Quality/growing social

8. Active/Momentum

8.1. Weekly

8.2. Unique night (Opportunity to be ‘the thing’ to do on Thursdays

8.3. Constantly improving product

9. More connections

9.1. Guests

9.2. Celebrity Guests

10. More ideas

10.1. Gags

10.2. Fun videos

11. Live AND Online

11.1. Interactivity

11.2. Scary’oke

11.3. Name that song

11.4. Need more prizing