Education Pedagogy and Its Perspective


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Education Pedagogy and Its Perspective by Mind Map: Education Pedagogy and Its Perspective

1. Perspectives on Education

1.1. Preceding Theorical

1.1.1. The functionalist perspective of education, and argues that the functionalist focus on the positive functions of education. Creating social solidarity Teach core values ​​and job skills and role assignment Focus on the positive functions performed by the educational system

1.2. Contemporary Theorical

1.2.1. Education is the compass that guides the performance of the daily activities of the people within the community to which they belong.

2. Pedadody

2.1. Perspectives

2.1.1. Is the theory and practice of learning, and how this process influences.

2.1.2. It is influenced by, the social, political and psychological development of learners.

2.2. Reflections

2.2.1. As teachers, we must think about the privileges that any child has while he is a student, since he needs to be taught based on high quality educational standards that can guarantee the delivery of a good education.

3. Roles

3.1. Teachers

3.1.1. Stimulates and accepts the autonomy and initiative of students

3.1.2. Uses a wide variety of manipulative and interactive materials in addition to primary data and sources

3.1.3. Find out how your students understood the concepts before sharing your own understanding of them

3.2. Students

3.2.1. Know how to work in collaborative teams

3.2.2. Be able to self-direct, self-evaluate and self-monitor

3.2.3. Have self-learning skills that allow you to learn for life