Lakeside Elementary Curriculum Committee-

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Lakeside Elementary Curriculum Committee- by Mind Map: Lakeside Elementary Curriculum Committee-

1. Phase 1:Laying the Foundation The district members review the mission, philosophy, and goals of the schools. (Young, 2017) - Members: Superintendent Curriculum planner Curriculum director Curriculum consultants Board members Principals Assistant Principals Stakeholders Vendors

2. Phase 2: -Launching the Process- The principal and teachers are in charge of this phase. - In this phase, the appropriate goal must be determined. Also, during this phase, the members look closely at the pros and cons of the curriculum map thus far. (K-5 Teachers Curriculum director Principal Assistant Principal Curriculum Planner

3. Phase 3: Maintaining, Sustaining, and Integrating: During this phase, the committee members integrate the assessments and curriculum. The committee members also check out the pros and cons in this phase. (Jacobs Video, 2018) Committee Member: Teachers Curriculum supervisor Curriculum planner Other district individuals

4. Phase 4: Advancing the Mapping Techniques- Maps are completed . Meeting is also included in this phase. Phase 3 commitee members are also included in this phase. (Jacobs Video, 2018)