SURGE and Entrepreneurial Skills

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SURGE and Entrepreneurial Skills by Mind Map: SURGE and Entrepreneurial Skills

1. How Does Learning Happen (EDU 2014)


1.1.1. SURGE help mohawk student and its free


1.2.1. work shop had fun activities to engage and think critically, plus provide opportunities to engage with peers.


1.3.1. Work shop included fun activities to express different perspective of participants.


1.4.1. Assist current and newly graduating students to build future.

2. Goals for quality improvement/development

2.1. optimism,

2.1.1. learnt to identify opportunities Children were running on a slippery floor need a safe ground to run, paint the floor with anti slippery paint.

2.2. Adoptability

2.2.1. learnt how to seek for different perspective

2.3. Searching for innovative ideas

2.3.1. critical thinking

2.4. Adding value

2.4.1. view through an entrepreneurial lens

2.5. Courage

2.5.1. implement quality improvement plan

2.6. Perseverance or Determination

2.6.1. achieve quality goals

3. Early Childhood Educator

3.1. professional development/growth

3.1.1. Leadership skills

3.1.2. critical thinking

3.1.3. learnt to look at other people perspective (children and parents)

3.1.4. innovative ideas

3.1.5. Adoptability

3.1.6. learnt that if I want to open my own childcare there is a place I can get help and training

3.1.7. learnt tips to create brochure

3.1.8. identify needs of others (children and parents)

4. leadership skills

4.1. Team work/ work collaborative

4.2. built confidence to express my thoughts and ideas

4.3. critical thinking

4.4. Planning ideas and implementing

4.5. completing task within given period of time

4.6. listening to other members ideas

4.7. give opportunities to everyone to participate