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Media Bias by Mind Map: Media Bias

1. subculture theory

2. "grassroots theory"

3. "ruling elite"

4. Ruling Elite Theory also known as the "top down theory" which argued that the media consciously and purposely serves the interests of the ruling elite. Ruling Minority vs. the ruled

5. Money Machine Theory which argues that owners of the newspapers and television stations are interested in the bottom line. Media is not about politics, it is all about money in order to have that you need to have politics

5.1. money machine theory

6. Grassroots Theory which argues that the press responds to the biases of the public at large by reporting stories in ways that are appealing to their readership as a whole. In other words the opposite of the ruling elite theory.

7. Professional subculture theory which argues by the lights of the view, the media approaches the events of the day according to the distinct expectations, and ethics. In other words, cultural groups fragment away from mainstreams values and condone to violent behaviors.