Carnival celebrations in Greece

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Carnival celebrations in Greece by Mind Map: Carnival celebrations in Greece

1. Patras Carnival-the third biggest in the World!

2. Naoussa Carnival- Genitsaroi and Boules

3. Galaxidi Carnival-flour war

4. Xanthi Carnival

5. Rethymno Carnival

6. Long, ancient Carnival traditions

7. Dionysus

8. Three weeks before Lent

9. Mardi Gras or Fat Thursday

10. Parades, dances, traditional music, masquerade balls,carnival king and queen, fancy costumes, masks-Getty Image Gallery

11. Corfu Carnival

12. Kastoria Festival-Ragoutsaria

13. Skyros Carnival

14. Carnivals on Sea

15. Tirnavos Carnival-Bourani festivities

16. Kozani Carnival - 'Fanoi' festivities