Conflict Management Skills

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Conflict Management Skills by Mind Map: Conflict Management Skills

1. Active Listening

1.1. Let the person explain themselves, and actively listen

2. Emotional Intelligence

2.1. Maintain a calm tone

2.2. Know when to apologize and forgive

2.3. Prioritize resolving the conflict over being right

3. Patience

3.1. Don't jump to the defense

3.2. Don't point fingers

3.3. Don't take anything personally

4. Impartiality

4.1. Focus on the conflict at hand and not past ones

4.2. Show a willingness to compromise or collaborate

5. Positivity

5.1. Use humor, when appropriate

5.2. Remember the importance of the relationship

6. Open Communication

6.1. Don't talk behind people's backs

6.2. Pay close attention to nonverbal communication

6.3. Use "I" statements