singer halsey is 26 years old

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singer halsey is 26 years old by Mind Map: singer halsey is 26 years old

1. He is 1.63 tall

1.1. singer Alsey's current weight is 54kg

1.1.1. brown eye color black hair color Appearance, the characteristics of your personality The singer decided at one time to cut her hair and paint it in many colors for her appearances so that people speak more for the music and not for their appearances

2. Ashley Frangipane was born on September 29, 1994 in New Jersey. However, he identifies more with New York City. [4] He has two younger brothers, his father is African American and his mother Caucasian. [5] He began in the world of music while growing up, originally playing the violin. , viola, and cello until he swapped these instruments for acoustic guitar when he was 14. [6] At first he planned to major in Fine Arts and go to college, but after realizing that he couldn't afford it, due to At the expense, he enrolled in a community college to study composition, with which he found a connection after his first semester. [7] At the age of 18, he was in financial trouble and music became his means of paying off his debts. Halsey's music has a lot of her personality on it. It travels from indie pop to electro pop, through electronics and dance music. Always risky, alternative, different, it reflects her restless inner world. The singer offers her own vision of the world and of life in each song.