Impacts of food choices on health or environment

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Impacts of food choices on health or environment by Mind Map: Impacts of food choices on health or environment

1. Who?

1.1. Environment

1.1.1. Animals

1.1.2. Ecosystems

1.1.3. Habitats

1.1.4. Greenhouse gas

1.2. Humans

1.2.1. Adults/Children

1.2.2. People with Obesity

1.2.3. Health/Gym focused People

2. What?

2.1. Good

2.1.1. Healthy diets Increased performance and quality if life

2.2. Bad

2.2.1. Disease, Obesity, death, destruction of environment

3. Where?

3.1. All countries

3.2. NewZealand

3.3. Flora/Fauna

3.3.1. Forests

4. When?

4.1. Past

4.2. Present

4.2.1. Over time food choices have caused more bad than good for both Health and the environment. With fast food and ready made products becoming more available, accessible and cost effective, it has caused more people to eat these products frequently leading to the negative health affects associated with them, eg. Obesity, High blood pressure, Cholesterol, Heart disease etc. As a result of the higher demands for these foods the environment is placed under increasing negative pressure as increased production also comes with higher levels of toxins and pollutants released into the environment.

4.3. Future

5. Why?

5.1. Accesibility

5.2. Enjoyment

5.3. Coping mechanism

5.4. Production

6. How?

6.1. Pollution

6.2. Nutritional Value

6.2.1. Fats

6.2.2. Carbs

6.2.3. Protein

6.3. Societal perception

6.3.1. Advertising/ marketing