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My Signs by Mind Map: My Signs

1. Some are scary looking which is good, they should be considering that they warn us of potentially deadly outcome. One of my favorite index signs.

2. Usually stands out, straightforward meaning and can be very creative (e.g. flashy casino 'open' signs. I really like the 'vibe' the flashy ones give.

3. STOP ___________ Stop sign: you have to stop

3.1. Pretty straightforward sign and easy to spot/understand.

4. OPEN _______________ The store/institution is open and you may enter

5. ZODIAC SIGNS _______________ Each sign represents individual zodiac, matching it's monthly order.

5.1. They are creative but sometimes hard to decipher/recognize which one belongs to specific sign (if you are not into astrology). Not a sign everyone would be able to tell what it means. I personally don't have a strong opinion on them.

5.2. Emoji's are a good way to add emotional element to messages and make them seem less monotone. They also help with carrying across the right meaning of message. While they are useful I don't really like their design on social platforms I use. Some look way too silly. I prefer to use signs like: :) ;) xD C: :3 .

6. EMOJI'S ____________ Represent specific emotion.

7. MATH SIGNS (e.g. !) ________________ ! - factoral Other math signs - symbolize specific meaning needed in math equations.

7.1. I don't like them at all. I don't like math nor am I good at it. To me it makes no sense to have anything else aside from numbers in math.

8. SKULL SIGN _____________ Deadly.