What makes me the teacher I am?

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What makes me the teacher I am? by Mind Map: What makes me the teacher I am?

1. Beliefs

1.1. If you give children the opportunity to problem-solve, they will.

1.2. Computing offers skills that are transferrable across the curriculum and are key to modern life.

2. Study

2.1. BA (Hons) Primary Education 5-11

3. Opinions

4. Teacher experiences

4.1. Make sessions interactive or hands-on

4.2. Sessions where children can make progress and are child-led

4.3. Empowering children to support each other - by having Computing TAs

5. Life experiences

5.1. Loved technology from a young age - I was always creating websites and writing HTML from as young as Year 5!

5.2. Ended up hating IT as it was back in 2006, as it was only based around using Excel and PowerPoint, and the lessons were too didactic and teacher-led. Most of all, boring!

5.3. Love working with technology now and recently set up Google Classrooms and our entire remote learning strategy.

6. Values

6.1. Resilience is key for computing

6.2. Creativity is very important also

6.3. The ability to problem-solve is key