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My Mind Map by Mind Map: My Mind Map

1. Pom Pom jar

1.1. recognizes what kind act they did

1.2. promotes kindness between peers

1.3. Class gets reward if pom pom jar is filled

1.4. teacher sees a more peaceful classroom

1.5. positive learning environment

2. mother is translation

2.1. Ryan moves to Japan and feels more comfortable in the culture

2.2. Mother wonders where she belongs in relation to her son and his culture

2.3. Mother wants to go somewhere where comfort levels would increase

2.4. discount can happen even on family levels not just the classroom

2.5. Son wanted to attend Japanese language school and be with kids who look like him

3. social contract

3.1. lets student set their own goals what is fair and what isnt

3.2. Allows students to reflect on how their behavior has actions

3.3. Lets students give the teacher goals they want to achieve

3.4. creates communication

4. first reading

4.1. teachers must not impose their own personal beilfs in the class room

4.2. always respect students culture