A Healthy Lifestyle

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A Healthy Lifestyle by Mind Map: A Healthy Lifestyle

1. Why is it important?

1.1. It hink that mantaining a healthy lifestyle is important because by practicing it we can help to prevent deseases, also because you will have a good feeling about yourself and taking care about yourself, your body will feel better, and as i said before it will help to avoid many deseases.

2. How can we practice it?

2.1. We can practice our daily healthy lifestyle by making diary excercise (Running, swimming, playing footbal,etc), also we can practice it by eating less fat food and eating more healthy, like vegetables, fruits,eggs and milk.

3. In what aspects is it based on?

3.1. The healthy lifestyle is based on doing excercise.

3.2. Be positive all the time to do things in a efficient way.

3.3. Eating healthy, like eating vegetables and proteins.

3.4. Reduce stress

4. Does it mean to have a healthy lifestyle to be positive?

4.1. Yes of course because if you remain positive your body will alwalys be active, your work and different activities will be more efficient.