GCSS re-plan

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GCSS re-plan by Mind Map: GCSS re-plan

1. Top down instructions

1.1. One single SD

1.1.1. Solution design phrase common workshop for LGS/HCJ based on CRO SD as template> check resources availability CRO XMN UCs to conduct briefing with assistance from Ramco consultants in Mar DM template training in one go Shop specific workshop during Apr-May

1.2. Zero customization

1.2.1. Remove all customization/HX development terms a. part of those are report/alerts requirements b. most of them will be included in Ramco regular product release/roadmap 56/350 required further classification, else ok within timeline c. remaining will be grouped into integration development

2. Post - Feb SC

2.1. Less stagger go-live date for HLGS/HCJ

2.1.1. Advance HCJ go live date and major activities We would need to work with Sunny for mobilizing resources to support the new plan

3. SD progress review