Value proposition for marinas

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Value proposition for marinas by Mind Map: Value proposition for marinas

1. Increased customer satisfaction

1.1. safety of the boat is very important for the customers

1.2. satisfied customers are best marketing strategy

1.3. satisfied customers bring new customers

2. Reduced operational costs

2.1. less staff on docks

2.2. increased productivity

2.3. lower insurance costs (liability)

3. Lower operational risks

3.1. best incidents do not happen at all

3.2. marina liability is under scrutiny in every incident

3.3. objective liability and gross negligence

4. Additional incomes

4.1. Battery maintenance packages

4.2. Safety packages

4.3. Interventions

4.4. Satisfied customers pay more

5. Pollution prevention

5.1. better public image

5.2. responsible behaviour

6. New customers acquisition

6.1. Safety is excellent sales pitch

6.2. Competitive advantage to other marinas

7. Increased customer retention

7.1. Sensors are excellent exit barriers

8. Increased brand value

8.1. high tech marina capable of taking care of your boat