L&TS Communications

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L&TS Communications by Mind Map: L&TS Communications

1. Lack of team identity

1.1. Create a team webpage that explains structure and who does what

1.2. Or a Google Group

1.3. Worth getting a logo

2. Promotion of the team

2.1. PP to do presentation at CiCS Staff meeting

2.2. Inform wider word - PR exercise

2.3. PR materials

2.4. LT Event

2.5. Higher profile at CiCS management meetings

3. General apathy

3.1. Volunteering

3.2. Informal team interactions - sense of achievement / kudos

3.3. Lunches / nights out

3.4. Talk to staff individually

4. Clarification of roles

4.1. Team webpage

4.2. Clear statement about what each team does from PP

5. Lack of consistency of comms

5.1. Identify useful social networking tools

5.2. Identify what methods of communication being used for what purposes

5.3. Use controlled filtering

6. Lack of a mission statement

6.1. Needs setting out by PP

6.1.1. Regular progress updates required

6.2. Need to have our work contextualised to dept / uni objectives

7. Informal / formal meetings

7.1. Volunteering

7.2. Lunches with no work themes attached

7.3. Open house time

8. Lack of consultation and feedback

8.1. Talk to people as individuals

8.2. Know where expertise and knowledge resides and consult it

9. Core information distribution

9.1. Same as 'lack of consistency of comms'

10. Project information sharing

10.1. Google Group