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MeDirect by Mind Map: MeDirect

1. Deciding Licensing road map due to atlassians policy change

2. Onboarding

2.1. Access to servers

2.1.1. Database access

2.2. Accounts

2.3. HR stuff

2.3.1. engagment forms

2.3.2. FS4

2.3.3. Trainings and procedures

3. Jira Health check

3.1. Not recommended DB used

3.1.1. M

3.2. Memory usage lagging

3.3. Users mentioning plugin issues

3.4. Active directory nested groups issue mentioned by users

3.5. Jira Update to latest version

3.5.1. UAT refresh

3.5.2. Testing

3.5.3. Confirmation by users

3.5.4. Execution

3.5.5. e End of Life date for JIRA version 8.4 is Sep 9, 2021.

3.5.6. Jira Clean up Before update Plugin consolidation Plugin integration issues with tenable Confluence page with plugin overview Removal of unused plugins Investigate in house possibilities instead of plugins Remove unused projects Revisit user management life cycle

3.6. Rebuild of the infrastructure

3.7. ServiceDesk

3.7.1. Service Desk enable email responses

3.7.2. Service desk not automated

3.8. Reduce number of administrators

3.9. Use One group for service desk access instead of 16

3.10. Custom Fields Clean up! Entity 6times, system fields with custom fields, ...

3.11. Release procedures needs to be revisited

3.12. Integrity check dies on UAT nginx timeout?

3.13. Wrong email handeler configuration

3.13.1. users notifed on own changes disable

3.13.2. Too many emails

3.14. Issue linking too many options

3.15. Nonsense list of resolutions

3.16. Email Handeleres not working

4. Eric Replacement

4.1. access to system

4.2. Gather requriemntes

4.3. Communicate optimal solution

4.4. execution

5. Education of users to implement atlassian tools for colab!

6. Confluence Health check

6.1. Too Low application memory 1gb

6.2. Ldap Issues

6.3. Not recommended DB in place

6.4. Reduce number of administrators

7. General ideas

7.1. Dedicated Jira Support queue

7.2. Password sharing tool?

7.3. Dedicated Atlassian Products KB