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"Health Promoter". by Mind Map: "Health Promoter".

1. Skills to develop at the health promoter

2. Is Model performance, to act as a leader

3. Establishing good relationships between individuals and within the group

4. maintaining attitudes of respect

5. Guidance and convincing, never imposing

6. Give all participants the same opportunity for intervention

6.1. motivating everyone to do

7. Be a good observer

8. A health promoter is a person who helps you know methods for a person's care, whether physically, mentally, and emotionally.

8.1. A health promoter should go beyond just reporting, just talking or imparting health knowledge, should set

8.1.1. example for the care of the body and the people around us. This person must adapt to the context in which he works, whether a rural or urban community.

9. The health promoter in these cases, should catch up with these people,live with them.

9.1. example on how to take care of themselves, their children and their food,

9.1.1. as well as inform the community about how to act in different situations of life, should be a whole in one,

10. we must also make known that we are health promoters not a know-it-all , that promoters can also learn from people they teach knowledge to, which is the right way to teach, learn to teach, and to be taught.

11. Health promoters have a very important task as it depends on them overcoming a group of people or community

11.1. For this they must receive a complete, humanistic and scientific education, learn to be people who want to help and not to be a single information provider.