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Comprehension by Mind Map: Comprehension

1. metacognition (thinking of own thinking)

1.1. awareness of own thinking

1.1.1. listen to inner voice stop-think-react

1.1.2. think alouds to model

1.1.3. acknowledge that fake reading happens everyone does it (sometimes) eliminate the stigma

1.2. strategic

1.2.1. what/why? how and when to use strategies think about reading to improve understanding "better understand the world...have some control over it."p433 fit strategy to a purpose or goal

1.2.2. how to teach "culture of thinking" recognize a thinking challenge --> action strategy instruction focuses on application goal: to increase understanding

1.3. power of own thinking

1.3.1. agency "perception that the environment is responsive to our actions"

1.3.2. info vs. knowledge active use of info--> knowledge students have power to do this by thinking deeply

2. continuum

2.1. literal --> active use

2.1.1. literal questions NOT = understanding

2.1.2. retelling organize/sequence NOT exactly understanding

2.1.3. merge thinking and content start of understanding

2.1.4. acquire knowledge deeper understanding

2.1.5. active use of knowledge application, expanding knowlede

2.2. guide sts towards deeper meaning/understandings

3. Core

3.1. "Comprehension instruction is most effective when students integrate and flexibly use reading and thinking strategies across a wide variety of texts and in the context of a challenging, engaging curriculum"

3.2. are classroom practices grounded in research?

3.3. need to teach a repertoire of skills

3.4. need to go beyond teaching to the test

4. GOAL = "acquire and actively use knowledge"

5. HOW

5.1. knowing our students

5.1.1. interests

5.1.2. needs

5.2. build on background knowledge

5.2.1. keep it brief

5.3. a tool kit of strategies

5.3.1. teach more than one and cycle back to them

5.4. discussion

5.4.1. ?ing

5.4.2. teacher language

5.4.3. collaborative construction of meaning

5.5. integration

5.5.1. across content areas

5.5.2. literacy is important to our society critical eye informed encourage questioning