How to stay safe in these corona days

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How to stay safe in these corona days by Mind Map: How to stay safe in these corona days

1. Mental health is an asset to your life

1.1. Try to stay upbeat and vibrant

1.2. Try yoga or meditation

1.3. Get rid of your negative thoughts

1.4. Challenge your brain

1.4.1. Puzzle

1.4.2. Crossword

1.4.3. Video games

1.5. Laugh more

1.6. light a candle

1.7. Listen to light music

2. Care about your physical health

2.1. Do daily exercises

2.2. Strengthen your immune system of body

2.3. Set a schedule and have a bedtime routine every night

2.4. Fortify yourself with vitamins

2.5. Go for walking along the beach

3. Sanitation

3.1. Wash your hands regularly

3.2. Spray the cleaner liquid on cloth and then Sanitize your cellophane

3.2.1. Cellophanes are the breeding ground for germs

3.3. Always have the alcoholic liquid with yourself

3.3.1. You can remove germs and pathogens easily