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365-2021 by Mind Map: 365-2021

1. Revenue 2021(8B) -2022 (20B)

2. ideas

2.1. Cầu có khả năng chi

3. Objective

3.1. Approach to Target Market

3.1.1. School CSR Student-Pupil Program Event Nutrition for Young People School B2B subscription

3.1.2. High Office Co-Working Space Cooperate with Grab as in-car retail box E-Wallet Office Experience Lifestyle Eat Hotel Drink The places they can visit

3.1.3. Sport Event Sponsor Running Gym Bike Swim ... Kol PT Loss weight Nutritionist Model Educate blog Talkshow

3.2. Building D2C

3.2.1. Channel Marketing Instagram Fanpage Website Youtube Tiktok Zalo Event Offline

3.2.2. Subscription Process Website Process Landingpage SEO GDN Data analytics and Tracking Lead - Convertion Trial product Re Targeting Template CMS Platform Popup Recomendation Messenger Process Chat bot AI Data Segment Customer Success Affiliate marketing Automation

3.2.3. New Point Of sales Partner Gym Office building School Campus Take away coffee Airport Conversational Commerce Messenger Telegram Website Zalo

3.2.4. Operation System ERP Forcast Subscription Order Process Retail Order Process Task Management Subscription Management Invoice Management API Internal Automation Internal Process SOP for All Products/Process

3.2.5. Inventory process Inventory Multi Channel Fullfilment Delivery Safe inventory figures

3.2.6. Deep Tech A I Analytis data customer Script for Chatbot

3.3. Finishing Product Roadmap

3.3.1. R&D

3.3.2. Production House

3.3.3. Packaging

3.3.4. Legal

3.4. Facilities

3.5. HR

3.5.1. Marketing Department

3.5.2. Sales Department

3.5.3. HR - Accountant