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BusinessProcesses by Mind Map: BusinessProcesses

1. Prep/engineering

1.1. Step Files are available/3D either from the customer or generated from the CAD system

1.1.1. Machine programming

1.2. Requirements list for material

1.2.1. Material Reservation actually not required. May be a step when company is bigger.

1.2.2. Collecting in the warehouse

1.2.3. Purchasing for larger deals or when not available. Material supply is normally 1 working day. Large quantities may take 4-6 weeks. (direct delivery from factory)

1.3. Extra charged if applicable

1.4. Sometimes also approval step from customer is required

2. Sales

2.1. CRM

2.1.1. Contact Management Interesting

2.1.2. Leads/opportunities Desired Pipeline management

2.1.3. Partner Management N/A

2.1.4. It would be nice to have a simple automated system, best integrated with a financial system

2.2. Products/Services/Pricing

2.2.1. Generic products Most important part of the products is generic and can be defined. Exact measurements will come from the calculation sheet. Material ALU sheets Extrusion material Tools Rest Material Scrap

2.2.2. QRM products Limited set Can be defined, including the process There may be variants, where (part of) the process is outsourced. The process should contain work preperation/engineering (drawing) and outsourced special treatment and transport

2.2.3. Activities Preparation/Engineering Cutting Bending Punching Welding Time: in minutes for production for the order in hours. Number of activities with corrections based on number

2.2.4. Pricing Hourly rate based on activities Different rates per activity Cutting Bending Welding same rate Punching higher rate Material sales price is calculated based on kilo's required Waste material is discounted (included in calcualtion Transport is charged as seperate component Sometimes the final price is rounded Costprice Every machine has rate per hour, avarage rate for staff, tooling and energy

2.3. Proposals

2.3.1. Starts with Calculation Via Excel sheet Outcome is the exact measurements of the product, the activities to be executed and the sales price.

2.3.2. Proposals are made, holds sales price per product. Sometimes a list of products (project) and one price. PDF, list of proposals for follow-up Incidental drawing and specs

2.3.3. Follow-up Is done by Michael, actually daily follow-up. No automated system required

2.3.4. Simulation We should be able to execute a simulation based on the product information coming from the Calculation sheet Michael can give us all the required info in Excel, CSV or XML format. 3W to investigate how this can be best accomplished

2.4. Sales Orders

2.4.1. Back-to-back orders for products Copy from proposal Excel sheet Multiple order lines, can be related to each other. Order lines with different delivery dates are possible (projects) For defined products info coming from Excel Calculation sheet Order line split is possible, but not desired Creates back orders Direct delivery by vendor to customer after special treatment is possible, sometimes desired

2.4.2. Services Knowledge sales

2.4.3. Scrap/waste is recycled and sold to trader

2.4.4. Order Communication E-mail order confirmation E-mail Information on completion

2.4.5. Transport moment and location with timing needs to be registered.

2.4.6. E-commerce Future

2.5. Projects

2.5.1. Is applicable, deliveries of products in multiple different stages

2.6. Invoicing

2.6.1. Invoice is made as soon as product has been delivered or if collected by customer, when ready in shop Complete orderlines are invloiced

2.7. Shipments

2.7.1. Collect by customer

2.7.2. Third party transport or own capacity

2.7.3. Third party always via purchase order

3. Procurement

3.1. Product related vendors

3.1.1. More vendors for the same products

3.2. Purchase Orders

3.2.1. Products

3.2.2. Services Transport

3.2.3. Outsourcing Special treatments Selected vendors Normal Exceptional Some products can be outsourced for most steps apart from special treatment After completion, direct delivery to customer is common for anodisation other may be deliverd direct or go through the shop

3.3. Goods receipt

3.3.1. Inspection Returns or missing or other remarks, can result in credit notes Special treated is difficult to inspect

3.3.2. Based on goods receipt note

4. Finance

4.1. General Ledger

4.1.1. Monthly reporting

4.2. Accounts Receivable

4.2.1. Invoice collection Dunning/reminders

4.3. Accounts Payable

4.3.1. Invoice Matching Payments

4.4. Cashflow

4.5. Dashboards

5. Production

5.1. Machines/workcenters

5.1.1. People

5.1.2. Set-up dependent on complexity of the product

5.1.3. Transport time 2-4 hours

5.2. Calendars

5.2.1. 8 hours per day, no shifts

5.2.2. One new machine can work 24/7

5.3. Products and processes

5.3.1. QRM products possible

5.4. Planning

5.4.1. Scheduling/rescheduling Start date, feasible date and requested date

5.4.2. Rush Orders Is applicable, sometimes because of rework.

5.4.3. Order changes No frequent issue, customer does not want to pay for changes Outsourcing is possible

5.5. Execution

5.5.1. Polca based

5.5.2. Intermissions possible Is possible to report actual process time

5.5.3. Reporting Time reporting wil be applicable in the future

5.5.4. Outsourcing Sometimes fixed moment pick up Some near by vendors products are delivered by Deforma

5.6. Notifications

5.6.1. Internal

5.6.2. External to customer should be possible

6. Management

6.1. Reporting/Analysis

6.2. Continuous improvement

7. Specialities

7.1. Market

7.1.1. Netherlands

7.2. Products/Services

7.2.1. Aluminium sheet based production

7.2.2. Services in engineering/knowledge support

7.3. Multi Lingual

7.3.1. Not required Dutch is the only language

7.4. ERP system

7.4.1. Needs to be selected Proposed solutions are Ridder IQ Slim and MKG3 Required functionality to be determined SOP/Invoicing Purchasing Finance Integration to be determined At least integration with calculation Excel to determine the actual product, process (machines/activities) and timing.

7.5. Shop floor system

7.5.1. Large touch screens??

7.5.2. Tablets or laptops ??

7.5.3. PC's ??

7.6. IT Partner

7.6.1. Existing network partner

8. Inventory Management

8.1. No registration of stock

8.1.1. Required when bigger company

8.2. Requirements planning

8.2.1. Order based Replenishment done at order acceptance

8.2.2. Visual Weekly