PE/PA/PS/CC Capacity

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PE/PA/PS/CC Capacity by Mind Map: PE/PA/PS/CC Capacity


1.1. Customer Care

1.1.1. Triage process

1.2. Customer/Sales

1.2.1. RFQ Tracking

1.3. PEs

1.3.1. Motivator

1.3.2. Proof of Busyness

1.3.3. Prioritization Coordinating with Sales (No Bid, No Strategic Call)

1.4. PE Management

1.4.1. Account assignment

1.4.2. Read on Resources Too much work, too little staff Too much staff, not enough work

1.4.3. Visibility/Accountability

1.5. Cost Savings

1.5.1. PEForce

1.6. Customer

1.6.1. Faster QTAT

1.7. Mfg

1.7.1. Tracking/Visibility


2.1. Goals

2.1.1. How is RFQ Assignment currently determined? Current Capacity Check PE Calendar Task Centre Reports PE Communication PEForce Qlikview Goal vs YTD Triage Account Type - Segment, OPR (New), Field Timezones Technology/Location Specialization List

2.1.2. What other factors should be considered? Complexity Factor Tying in the score with completion time Chart linked to IQS/SF data (clickable) Add a Jobs bar next to each PE bar Estimated Completion Time per RFQ Manual Automated Open quotes

2.2. Deliverables

2.2.1. Incorporate the factors that we don't already use. HOW?? Complexity Factor Triage team Only available on Finalized Quotes

2.2.2. Dashboards Individual dashboard Goal vs YTD Quotes Orders See IMPACT on PEs Group dashboard Segment PEs Field PEs PA Dashboard Customer Care Dashboard Project Specialist Dashboard Condensed version of individual dashboards for workload distribution Constraints based on Specialty or other roles (transitional)

2.2.3. Reports Back-log report Capacity Workload Bar Progress/In Queue Transitional status Account Level Opportunity Level

2.2.4. Business Systems Dependency


3.1. Define Capacity


3.1.2. See Scope

3.2. Complexity Factor in IQS

3.2.1. Preliminary complexity score during the Triage

3.2.2. Real-time scoring for open quotes Checklist

3.2.3. Finalized quote score

3.2.4. Comparing scores

3.3. Set-up 2021 Goals

3.3.1. PE Dollar Goals by April

3.4. Dashboard Business Systems ticket

3.4.1. Dashboard Plan Individual Combination of SF and Qlikview Group Quotes and Jobs Complexity Score combined into one Bar


4.1. Visibility and close to accurate read of the PE capacity to determine availability, RFQ assignment, specialization...

4.1.1. ...and understanding of appropriate resources to achieve goals.


5.1. Triage process

5.2. PE-Sales Account Assignment

5.2.1. Skills and Abilities Matrix

5.2.2. New or Transitioned Account

6. 1. Workstream Outcome 2. 3 Deliverables 3. Out of Scope 4. Stakeholders and Impact 5. Milestones

7. Do we miss out on orders because the quoters can't handle the volume/complexity of RFQs quickly and accurately enough?

8. Dependency