Academic goals

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Academic goals by Mind Map: Academic goals

1. Liberal arts faith

1.1. Enourages creativity

1.2. Critical Thinking

1.3. Collaboration and communication

1.4. Character Building

1.5. Diversity

1.6. Develop historical consciousness

1.7. Learn about a foreign language or culture

2. Personal goals

2.1. Financially independent

2.2. Grow as an induvidual

2.3. Gain insight into new subjects and area outside of my major

2.4. Avoid procrastination

2.5. Manage your time

2.6. Start a Growth Journal

2.7. Read a Book Every Month

2.8. Make a network with influential people

2.9. Engage more in spirituality and try to learn more about my religion

3. TWU Core curriculum

3.1. Time management skills

3.2. Classes to help students be better at their studies such as SKLS class

3.3. Make students spiritually aware

3.4. Insight into new languages.

3.5. Critical thinking is encouraged

3.6. Adapting to the changing world

3.7. Communication and perception of aesthetics