How relationships shape who we are

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How relationships shape who we are by Mind Map: How relationships shape who we are

1. jealously/negative energy towards other could cause conflict

1.1. Jealousy in ASP caused people to act out on their emotions

1.1.1. “I’d kill myself out of jealous envy.” I believed him. The joking manner was a screen; I believed him…. My brain exploded. He minded, despised the possibility that I might be the head of the school.

1.2. Negative feelings in S.I caused the brother to care less about doodle because of the person that caused him to mistreat doodle and that treatment caused his death

1.2.1. "There is within me ... a knot of cruelty borne by the stream of love." -S.I. Brother from scarlet ibis reflecting, with regret, on his frustration with his disabled brother and the ways in which he was unkind to him.

1.3. Anger caused by "foes" in Poison tree caused the author to act out against the foe because of that built up anger

1.3.1. "I was angry with my foe: I told it not, my wrath did grow." The author expressing how his anger for his foe built up because of him not releasing that anger

2. Spending time with people that have different mindsets can affect the decisions you make

2.1. Alter your mindset away from what it was formerly

2.2. Spending time with the wrong people can drift you away from the goals you had it life

2.2.1. "your friends don't push you in the wrong direction they just merely nudge you however all these little nudges compounded over a year or two years or three years period of time can have a major impact on your life"

3. Never let your social life and the attention you get from it get between your current relationships

3.1. Regardless of having to fight, Antonio and Felix in the Amigo Brothers, still didn't let that ruin the tight friendship that the two had.