Julie of The Wolves

Julie of the Wolves (Book Cover Mind Map)

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Julie of The Wolves by Mind Map: Julie of The Wolves

1. Eskimo

1.1. traditional clothen

1.2. Parka, Mittens, Shoes, & ulu knife

1.3. Traditional knowledge of the land

1.4. speaks her native language

2. Canadian Artic Region

2.1. North Slope of Alaska

2.2. Cold weather conditions

2.3. Vast environment of tundra's

2.4. Mostly Gloomy/Beaming white sun

3. Miyax

3.1. Runaway: due to not wanting to marry

3.2. tries to runaway to her pen pal in San Francisco

3.3. Young but mature girl

4. Courage

4.1. Will to survive

4.2. Lost and alone

4.3. mimicking wolves to fit into the pack

4.4. recalling old teachings of the land

4.5. learning from the land

4.6. Accepting to stay out on the land

4.7. Falling in love with her wolf pack

5. Wolf Pack

5.1. New-found family

5.2. Names: Amaroq (Father/leader), Silver (mother), Nails & Jello (adult wolves), and five pups (kapu is Miyax's favorite).

5.3. wild, free, hunters