Question -How marijuana affects long time users

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Question -How marijuana affects long time users by Mind Map: Question -How marijuana affects long time users

1. Thesis: Marijuana should be outlawed for recreational use because of the long term effects it has on the mind and body of regular users

2. Evidence 1:THC levels in marijuana can affect parts of the brain

3. Evidence 2: long term users may develop addiction for other heavy drugs

4. Evidence 3:heavy smoking can lead to cardiovascular diseases

5. Evidence 4: Legalizing marijuana for recreational use can increase crime rates

6. counter arguments: marijuana use can reudce stress and anxiety, mariijuana boost the economy,

7. Rebuttal: marijuana might boost the economy only in the short term as demand increase but that will increase addiction.

8. Rebuttal: marijuana gives only temporal relief for anxiety but the THC levels will lead to other psychosis effects.