Fixed Teams

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Fixed Teams by Mind Map: Fixed Teams

1. Extrinsic

1.1. Interactions

1.1.1. Senior Cons Bad first impression may stick Feedback is repetitive ("saturation point") Familiarity makes seniors more "tolerant" Pros Senior-to-MO MO-to-senior

1.1.2. Junior Pros Better teamwork MO-to-MO peer learning Cons Artificial environment (not realistic to expect to work within the same team structure) Teamwork was good so less need to learn how to develop team work Less chances to interact with fellow residents

1.2. Balanced composition

1.2.1. Juniors MOs/R1-3s Peer-learning (R3s teaching R1s) Peer-learning (OTO MOs teaching ED JRs)

1.2.2. Seniors Faculty personality: Distribution of pro-teaching, less intimidating seniors SR/AC/C/SC Distribution of subject matter experts (eg Toxi, US, Trauma specialists)

1.3. Shift system

1.3.1. More time for informal learning

1.3.2. Longer shift, but more rest time to recoup

1.3.3. More varied case mix each shift (eg 12hr shift broken into 2x 6hr shifts; cross-cover)

2. Intrinsic

2.1. Motivation

2.1.1. Increased Social positive influence Follow-up by fixed seniors Team commitment

2.1.2. Decreased Familiarity = less drive to prove oneself Emphasis on COVID affected learning Longer work hours = more tired Pessimism Examinations cancelled Service demands competing with learning

3. Possible Improvements

3.1. Team rotation

3.2. Shorten shift hours

3.3. Ensure balanced composition

3.4. Hybrid model (fixed on several days, non fixed on others)